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Baby Blessing Box

$ 25.00

Our blessing box was mindfully crafted to help you cleanse your space and create mindful intentions during your pregnancy, birth, and beyond.

The smoke from burning sage is considered to have both medicinal and therapeutic cleansing power. Smudging finds it roots in Native American cultures and traditions. It is a ritualistic way to cleanse a person, place, or an object of negative energies.

Burn your sage bundle while reciting our beautiful hand lettered blessing to create a peaceful, welcoming space for your new baby.

The blessings will follow them through with love from our maple hamsa teether.

Our Blessing box makes the perfect mindful blessing way or baby shower gift.

The beautiful hand lettered blessing print reads:

"Blessed be this baby

This baby is love

This baby is light

May this baby know love

May this baby have wisdom

May this baby have strength

of body, of mind, and of spirit.

May this baby know thyself.

May this baby have

awareness and be awake.

Blessed be this baby.

May this baby's life be filled with

all good things."

This listing includes:

- One White Sage Bundle

- One Maple Hamsa

- One Hand Lettered Blessing


Hardwood teethers are cut from maple and sanded smooth- once by machine and again by hand. Once sanded, each piece is polished with organic coconut oil.

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