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Baltic Amber Teething Baby Bracelet

$ 8.00

Baltic Amber Teething Baby Bracelet.

Amber is a 45 million year old fossil resin from Conifer trees, found at the Baltic coast.

Baltic amber contains an acid called succinic acid. Succinic acid is an alkalinizing acid which is actually already present in your body in small amounts. The succinic acid found in amber is responsible for its use in therapeutics ways, such as for teething relief.

The idea behind using Baltic amber for teething pain and similar purposes is the release of succinic acid. This is done by wearing the amber against the skin, which in turn results in the amber being warmed by the body's natural heat; this heat releases an oil inside the amber, and that oil contains succinic acid. The succinic acid is then absorbed into the skin, resulting in a reduction in pain and inflammation.

Teething can be a difficult process for infants, which can cause a fever, rash, difficulty sleeping, restlessness, drooling, red cheeks, pain, and more. Using an amber bracelet and/or necklace to soothe a child's teething pain is a practice that has been around the world for thousands of years. 

Each bracelet is housed in an organic cotton drawstring bag.  Perfect for gifting a little one in your life. 

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