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M E E T - T H E - M A K E R S

Real people, real passion...

Get to know the makers behind our NATURAWL goods.

Kelly / N A T U R A W L

Kelly is an aromatherapist, certified in plant-based nutrition, and owner of NATURAWL, as well as, a nature lover, gardener, health food enthusiast, and mom to five children.  Her articles, products and recipes have been published in World Yoga Magazine, Organic Gardening Magazine, OK Magazine, The Milky Way: The Ultimate Guide to Breastfeeding on a Raw Food Diet, Raw Mom, 123 Raw, Pure Kitchen, Super Raw Life Magazine, Raw for Beauty Raw Recipes Book, Go Local Magazine, 21 Days of Raw Vegan Meal Plans and Recipes, Mr. Veggie Magazine, and more. Kelly has appeared on the CBS talk show Better Connecticut and is a contributor to the NATURAWL Lifestyle blog. Kelly handcrafts and/or hand selects and tests all of the products made available by NATURAWL. 
Kelly resides in Connecticut with her husband and children. Her eco-tique and manufacturing studio is located in downtown Stafford Springs, Connecticut.


Denise / Salvij

Owner/designer - Salvij, upcycled jewelry.  "If I can imagine it, I can make it. My passion is taking the old and making it into something new. Seeing the new in the old. I have had many crafty adventures which not only leave me with fun works of art (wearable usually) but also A LOT of excess supplies from my "upcycling adventures".

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Johanna / JoHa Designs

Johanna is a Depression Warrior who used the power of craft and creativity (and rolling hundreds of paper beads) to escape the evil clutches of hopelessness and self-doubt. She loves making beautiful things with her hands and lives for creating colorful and unique pieces of wearable art.

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Taylor / Clover and Birch

Husband and wife team, owners of Clover and Birch, creators of fun imaginative play. The parents of a darling pair or blonde headed girls; Carden and Collin. Dog lovers and Pit Bull rescuers. Eco-conscious and a touch eclectic. Baby and toddler wearing. Holistic life seeking. Dabblers in Montessori and Waldorf philosophies. Intentional parents finding adventure in the everyday.


Hannah / Wax and Wane Candles

Hannah Turner is a candle maker and photographer. When she isn’t making candles or carefully testing new scents, Hannah can often be found exploring Central Park and taking pictures on her medium format camera. Many candles pay homage to her home state of Oregon, as she thoughtfully tries to bring the magic of the cascades into her East Coast home.


Thema / KTJBaby

Thema is the mama behind KTJBaby.  She has personally tested all of her products on her rough and tough little guy to make sure that they will last! Thema believes in using as many natural materials as possible and making sure they will make it through lots of use.  KTJBaby makes products you need in your everyday life durable for baby, and practical for mom. 

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Deneen / DragonFly Vegan Dryer Balls

Deneen, the owner of DragonFly Dryer Balls, was searching for an earth, human, and animal-friendly product to replace her wool dryer balls and dryer sheets, when she created the hemp and charcoal bamboo dryer balls. They reduce static and drying time which makes them super ecofriendly, and of course cruelty-free, and sustainable, as well. Deneen lovingly crafts all of her  hemp and bamboo dryer balls by hand.
Deneen resides in Oregon with her family.

Racheal Lee / ArtisanSoul

With over 20 years of experience in the healing arts, Racheal Lee is a gifted Reiki Master, Massage Therapist, Yoga Instructor, Intuitive Angel Card Reader, and Artist. She is extremely knowledgeable about the metaphysical properties of healing stones, aromatherapy, herbalism, and skincare preparations. Through her work with angelic realm she has developed a line of beautifully hand crafted reiki charged jewelry. She also offers an array of hand picked high energy crystals from around the world that can be charged with reiki to address your specific spiritual goals. Racheal resides in Connecticut with her family.










Erin / Payne & Comfort 

Erin Payne is the owner and maker behind the Payne & Comfort Socket Sack Lavender and Flax Seed Self-Care Eye Pillows. Her business is located right here in our neck of the woods in Manchester, Connecticut.

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