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JoHa Designs - Handcrafted Mountain Sunset Paper Bead Dangle Earrings

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Mountain Sunset Paper Bead Dangle Earrings

Blues for DAYS!  These gorgeous paper bead dangle earrings are light weight and eco-friendly.  Each one of a kind bead is procured and cut from used/upcycled art books, calendars, and/or posters and then rolled and double glazed by hand with an enormous amount of love and attention.  Treat yourself, or someone special, to a truly unique piece of wearable art.  Gift boxed.  Gift wrapped by request and free of charge. 

The hooks are antique brass plated, lead and nickel free.

Learn more about the process.

H O W  T O  C A R E  F O R  P A P E R  B E A D S

Besides avoiding water/moisture, you should also consider wearing paper jewelry on days where you wear the least amount of hair product/sunscreen as well as avoiding activities where you may perspire more often. Finally, as much as it’s tempting to do, try to avoid directly handling/touching/feeling the paper beads as the high quality Diamond glaze can get covered over time by oil/greases/hair product. Think of these as little works of art. They require a bit more love and tenderness from you but they give back so much in color and uniqueness!

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