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Product Review

Every once in a while you find a company that puts so much care into what they make, it's evident in everything they do. Naturawl is one such company that I have discovered and they make amazing products that are made from the purest raw plant-based ingredients. Using fair-trade, Eco-conscious, and sustainable materials, the products are crafted in small batches and are free of chemicals, pesticides, synthetic fragrances and dyes!
We received the Orange Blossom Bliss Liquid Baby Body Wash ($18), the Soothing Seas Baby Booty Balm ($19), and the Sweet Dreams Botanical Baby Sleep Pouch ($17) for review. The first thing that impressed me is the packaging! The products come in glass containers, not plastic. It's the first sign of a high quality product.

The real gem about Naturawl is the quality of the ingredients and the absence of anything toxic. Instead of coating your skin, or your baby's, with a sludge of chemicals, you are applying raw botanical goodness that truly nourishes skin and is beneficial to the whole body. 
I love that even the soap came in a glass bottle, it's definitely something that can be reused. The smell of the baby body wash is absolutely amazing, I could almost eat it. You'll have a hard time not 'eating' the baby after you use it on him/her at bath time! But it's certainly not an irritating, lingering smell like synthetic fragrances. We also love the baby sleep pouch that we placed in our family sleeping area (we love cosleeping) and though I'm not yet sure how it affects the kids' sleep, I just love the pleasant, relaxing scent in our bedroom now. We have yet to try the Soothing Seas Baby Booty Balm because Baby T has no diaper rash, ever, so I'm thinking of passing it on to a baby who may need it more and will update this review with results in the future.
Naturawl is based in Connecticut and this small business was created as an alternative to unhealthy skincare products on the market today. It even stands apart from other 'natural' skincare brands because the ingredients are whole, raw, and unprocessed. Cooking or heating beyond 104-118 degrees Fahrenheit can destroy valuable vitamins, minerals, and essential enzymes. They only use stainless steel tools in preparation so that no toxins are leached into the products from Teflon coated or plastic utensils. Also, all the products are certified vegan and not tested on animals. Many of the products are actually 'made to order' for maximum freshness! These are definitely products worth the extra expense, even if you use it more sparingly to stretch out the goodness.

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