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Do You Feel Comfortable Eating Your Skin and Body Care Products?

I have decided to dedicate the next month to talking about my personal health and well-being. When we think about Zero Waste, we don’t think about physical health and mental health. However, our state of mind and health is the most important aspects of our personal life. We can’t do anything without making sure that our mental and physical health are in check. My health is important inside and out. Why would you eat only organic food that is unprocessed and nutritionist, if you continue to put chemicals all over your body in the forums of facial creams, body lotions, hair gel, etc. I make sure that my body and facial care items are good enough to eat! Yep, you heard that right! I mean, they probably wouldn’t taste very good, but they wouldn’t kill me!

When I transitioned to a more zero waste life, I decided to start making some of my own products. This included facial toners, makeup setting powder, mascara, etc. However, I also love supporting small businesses and encouraging more to use natural and organic skin, body, and hair care products! NATURAWL BODY is an amazing company that is compassionate about making sure that more people fill their home with natural, organic, plant based, raw, and vegan items! The shop is run by a women named Kelly, a certified raw nutritionist, nature lover, gardener, and health food enthusiast. As a mother, she believes that everyone should have access to the best ingredients for their family.

Today, I will be reviewing her Peppermint and Green Tea Body and Hand Lotion. This items is completely raw vegan and is filled with the best ingredients. Kelly only includes USDA Certified Organic Ingredients. The ingredients include Green Tea extract, Jojoba oil, Peppermint oil, Vitamin E oil, Vanilla oil, Rosemary extract, Grapefruit Seed extract, and emulsifying wax glycerin. The mix of vitamin e oil and jojoba oil kept my dry skin moisturized throughout the winter season, despite the negative temperatures, without making it feel really greasy like coconut oil does. All the oils and extracts make me feel amazing. My guinea pig Jelly Pig loves the smell of it as well. I will continue to use this body lotion throughout the summer season as I get out in the sun more.

It’s also important to note that all of her products arrive in sustainable packaging, including a cardboard box and paper packaging. The bottles are glass, and the pumps are the only items that are made out of plastic. However, I plan to reuse the bottle with the pump once I have finished the lotion. All of her items are either fair trade, recycled, or biodegradable. This is to ensure that she is creating amazing products for herself, her family, and the planet. At the end of the day, what is the point of using organic and natural products if they come in wasteful packaging that is extremely detrimental to our planet.

Kelly also sells various other items for your body and home. This includes some awesome baby and kid friendly products that you don’t have to worry about putting on your child. Please go check out her website here! Currently she is offering 20% off of all baby essentials with code: KTJBABY20!!! Please go check out everything before this sale runs out!

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